Bird Diversity Accumulation

This link downloads a .zip file which contains supplementary figures for Socolar & Lees (in prep) in the form of a Shiny app (from R package “shiny”).  To visualize the figures, download and expand the .zip file to create a folder called “ShinyPlots_small.”  The folder contains the file “App.R” as well as a large number of .pdf files.  Open and run App.R, preferably in RStudio. Be sure to change the working directory to the path of the ShinyPlots_small folder, and to install the R packages “shiny” and “magick” (both available on CRAN).

When App.R finishes running, RStudio will open a new html window to display the figure. If the figures display too small, increase the size of the window. Sliders on the left-hand side of the window allow the user to visualize relationships over any timeframe ranging from the past 3 million years to the past 50 million years (top slider) for any of 30 equiprobable phylogenetic hypotheses (bottom slider).

R is an open-source statistical computing software available for free here.
RStudio is a convenient user interface for R, available for free here.
To install the required packages “shiny” and “magick,” open R or RStudio and enter the following commands (followed by return/enter) in the command line:



  • The .zip file is large (~ 500 MB, unarchiving to 605 MB).
  • Expect App.R to take several minutes to run, and to require over 600 MB of available memory (RAM).