Useful Links

The pheno-mismatch website shares details of an NSF-funded collaboration to understand how phenological mismatches between spring green-up, insect emergence, and bird nesting might manifest in eastern North America.

A primer on fitting occupancy models using Stan.

Project eBird is an online repository for avian distributional data collected primarily by amateur birdwatchers.  The dataset contains hundreds of millions of georeferenced bird observations, fully vetted by expert regional reviewers.  I volunteer as the regional reviewer for Amazonian Peru and Colombia.

Xeno Canto is an online platform for sharing recordings of wild bird vocalizations.  The collection contains over 200,000 recordings of over 9,000 species. I’ve contributed a couple of interesting cuts, including this Sira Curassow.

Neotropical Birds Online is a free online encyclopedia of all birds that occur in the new-world tropics. I wrote the account for Mishana Tyrannulet.